Have you ever thought about the benefits of using a chauffeur service instead of joining those long queues of travellers waiting for a taxi? When looking for a Canberra Taxi, why not travel with a personal chauffeur service who you can rely on to get you from A to B?

When driving in Canberra, taxis may not be the most reliable option for your ride. Choosing a premium limousine chauffeur in Canberra is a sure-way to ensure you will be cared for and arrive at your destination on time. Transfers for locals, corporate VIPs, dignitaries, holiday makers and more, our Canberra chauffeur service provides highly professional and attentive services centred around your needs.

Experienced Drivers

Our experienced personal drivers selected for their high level of professionalism are meticulous with both their own personal appearance and the cleanliness and maintenance of their spacious and very comfortable cars. They know the roads and routes of Canberra and can get you to your location as promptly as possible, avoiding road works, blocks, traffic and other circumstances that Canberra taxis may not be able to provide. With a local knowledge of traffic patterns, they will always use the fastest and best route to get you to your destination.

When using a Canberra chauffeur instead of a Canberra taxi for your personal and corporate transfers, you also guarantee polite and friendly service. Our staff are pleased to offer you the premium and luxury experiences of a personal service, which are unmatched by any other taxi or rideshare service. Our drivers are very familiar with the location of Canberra’s government and private enterprise buildings, as well as the clearances or permissions needed to enter security car parks or reach optimum drop off points. When looking for certainty, comfort and safety, Let’s Go Places CBR Canberra chauffeur service should be your go-to first class ground transport.


While you might be thinking, ‘rideshare services and taxis are more affordable than a private chauffeur’, you will be pleasantly mistaken. With a little more research and the right provider, you’ll find that personal chauffeurs are not as expensive as you think. Taxis in Canberra often will not give you an upfront cost, taking the longest route to get to your location while watching the metre tick over. Rideshares will use surge pricing during busy periods or from busy locations, but chauffeurs on the other hand will be much more upfront about costs when compared to other forms of transport, offering a consistent flat fee on booking.

If you are an Executive Assistant needing to be confident your CEO will arrive at all destinations listed on their itinerary, look no further than booking a Let’s Go Places CBR chauffeur for their next business-trip. Peace of mind is guaranteed. Bookings can be for one transfer or for multiple journeys over several days while completing business in Canberra. If your CEO is unsure of finishing times for scheduled meetings, bookings can be made for a personal chauffeur driver whose service will be dedicated to your CEO only, allowing for a flexible time period of travel between destinations and meetings.

On occasions, you or your team may need to attend meetings further away from the airport, or even at interstate locations. Why not choose a chauffeur driver service that can take you or your colleagues directly from home to your offices or to meetings’ destinations? You’ll find our services to be cost and time effective.


Arrive on Time

As well as being more cost effective, you also don’t have to worry about cancelled pick-ups, delays or being unable to hail a taxi in Canberra. You can count on a personal chauffeur to be reliable and prompt in getting you to destinations, meetings, hotels or airports on time without hassle. As your driver is pre-booked, and flights are tracked, this means your transport will arrive on time, saving the stress of being left waiting. You decide the itinerary, with door to door chauffeur services both within Canberra and interstate, no matter whether it be to the airport, hotel, government building, conference centre or private residence. As you will be dealing directly with your chauffeur, any last minute itinerary changes can be accommodated with ease.


Peace of Mind

By choosing a personal chauffeur driver service you are choosing peace of mind in getting to your next destination. The experience of having a personal chauffeur creates a more comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing journey from any destination.

Next time you’re visiting Canberra instead of waiting for a taxi, or rideshare company, be sure to book ahead with our Canberra chauffeur service and get the most out of your experience while you’re staying in our wonderful city. Our chauffeur drivers are waiting ready to greet you personally, take care of your luggage, transfer you to your next big meeting or get your family around to see all the sites on offer. Our knowledgeable team of friendly and experienced drivers look forward to meeting you, and answering any questions you may have. We can recommend great local restaurants, iconic places to visit, fabulous activities to add to your schedule, or maybe even a wine tour in Canberra’s award winning cool climate wine district. Whatever the reason for travel, it’s the small details that make travelling with a Canberra chauffeur all the more worthwhile.

So if you prefer a chauffeur service over a Canberra taxi contact Rodney from Let’s Go Places CBR today.